Why do Enterprises Need to Rethink their Approach to Hybrid Cloud?

Enterprises are faced with a conundrum when it comes to their mission critical IT workloads. They need to look for ways to address the challenging demands of performance, scalability, availability, security, and cost requirements while simultaneously trying to embrace public cloud services, both optimally and on their terms. Cloud Adjacency─the ability to interconnect securely to the cloud and IT providers, as well as to partners and clients─offers a new and pragmatic approach to address this dilemma.


Join experts from Forrester, Oracle and Equinix to learn more about:

  • Trends and industry insights on mission-critical applications and workloads
  • Future impact on business and infrastructure
  • Data privacy, regulatory compliance and data sovereignty scenarios
  • What is cloud adjacency and why it matters?
  • Use cases from the industry and impact

Meet our experts:

- Frederic Giron, VP & Research Director, Forrester

- Sugumaran K, Senior Director, Oracle

- Robert Blackburn, Global Managing Director, Equinix

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