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Industrial IoT in Germany 2021 - Innovative Technologies and Trends for IIoT Projects

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This IDC executive brief analyzes the state of the Industrial internet of things (IIoT) in Germany. Industrial companies face a lot of challenges with plans and implementations of IIoT projects that add value to their business operations.

Innovative technologies like IIoT helps companies overcome current challenges such as flexibility, cost optimization and labor protection. The executive brief focuses on German industry or industry-related sectors which are covering processes that encompass discrete and process manufacturing, trade, utilities and disposal or transport, logistics and traffic.


  • IIoT projects can improve business continuity and increase business resiliency
  • IoT platforms help with networking and digitization. Currently, about 36 percent of respondents are using an IoT platform or are in proof of concept for deployment
  • Edge computing enables decentralized real-time applications. Around 42 percent of the companies surveyed are already using edge computing productively or in pilot projects.
  • 5G is a major enabler for IIoT and edge computing and will give IIoT an additional boost.
  • Recommendations from users for users: best practices for the successful implementation of IoT projects.
Equinix provides companies with a neutral platform for direct networking via interconnection. Through this, industrial companies access a digital ecosystem to network away from the public Internet with cloud providers, IoT services, but also with suppliers or logistics partners.
Jens-Peter Feidner
Managing Director, Equinix Germany GmbH

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