Site Care PRO

Our Site Care PRO service monitors the reliability of your web and mail services. Through round-the-clock monitoring of the server via the internet, we detect early signs of failure to minimize downtime. This service is available with a range of options, including disaster recovery.

  • Avoid preparing agents and monitoring tools
  • Choose from various types of monitoring such as operation monitoring, service monitoring and scenario monitoring, etc.
  • Reduce unnecessary notifications by fault isolation
  • Access monitoring data and correspondence log via our web portal
  • Secure notification by telephone; email notification will include correspondence history
  • Take advantage of disaster recovery options
  • View log series of correspondences and records
Site Care PRO Services
Service Overview
Polling monitoring You select items you want monitored according to your needs via web service, mail, or DNS.
SSL certificate expiration date monitoring We inform you before your SSL server certificate expires. Stay safe by setting deadlines in multiple stages.
Scenario monitoring We confirm whether the transition scenario assumed by you is working normally on the web screen.
Remote disaster recovery We perform preprocedural disaster recovery and remote operations, e.g., OS/process restart, confirmation of success or failure/re-execution of batch job, switching procedure of HA configuration, disconnection of faulty equipment.


Free Server Monitoring Service

Our reliable free server monitoring service, Site Care FREE II, runs on the Site Care PRO management system, with a web interface that gives system administrators timely and convenient access. Using the AWS Cloudwatch API, it offers hybrid monitoring of internal resources such as the life and death of an instance or CPU utilization.

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Site Care Cloud

Site Care Cloud is a service that exclusively monitors and troubleshoots Amazon Web Services systems. We provide strong support and will help you improve the stability and availability of systems and services built on AWS.

*These services are only available in Japan.