Site Care Cloud

With Site Care Cloud, we exclusively monitor and troubleshoot Amazon Web Services systems. Using a simple application, you can instantly manage, restore and obtain backups. You also receive strong support to improve the stability and availability of systems and services built on AWS. Monthly billing is available.

  • Agentless monitoring (tool installation not required)
  • Hybrid monitoring from user viewpoint and system viewpoint
  • Recovery support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Per-instance billing
  • Periodic operation backup and generation management
  • Support of EC2-Classic/EC2-VPC platforms
  • Monitoring from service release to SSL certificate deadline
Site Care Cloud Services
Service Overview
Cloud Monitoring Conduct life/death and service operating condition monitoring of EC2, RDS, ELB etc.
Disaster Recovery Support Incident support(fault-recovery), service (process) restart, server OS reboot, instance restart etc.
Generation Management Generation Management of backup data by acquiring snapshot at a designated time every week.
Restore Perform Amazon Machine Image restore from the latest weekly snapshot.




Alive Monitoring

  • User View
  • System View

Resource Monitoring

  • Agent-Less Monitoring (SSH/SNMP)
  • Cloud API Monitoring (CloudWatch API)

Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Cloud API Monitoring (Amazon EC2 API)

Alert / Recovery

  • Send Alert Via Phone/Email
  • Fail Recovery by Following the Agreed Process


  • Weekly Backup by Snap-Shot of EBS Volume
  • Restore by Snap-Shot

Web Portal

  • Activity Report
  • Performance Report
  • Monitoring Data Download
  • View Past 13 Month Tickets

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External Monitoring Service

Site Care PRO ensures your critical systems, including web and mail services, are reliable. By constantly monitoring the server via the internet, we can see early signs of failure and minimize downtime.

*These services are only available in Japan.