Monitoring Management Services

With our integrated Monitoring Management Services, full-time professionals monitor site operations for your on-premises environments, data centers, and private, public, and hybrid clouds, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

From our Reliability Operations Center (ROC), we provide real-time response, from failure to recovery, and incident management based on detailed Information Technology Infrastructure Library best practices around the clock.

We guarantee availability and performance without increasing IT costs. And you can avoid complexity and focus on your core business with our one-stop, integrated Monitoring Management Services.

  • The flexibility to support your monitoring tools (such as Zabbix) and virtual and physical appliances as monitoring tools
  • Business availability and performance monitoring from your point of view
  • High-quality, 24-hour, 365-day service by full-time staff; ITIL-based operational management framework and process
Operational Service Configuration
Service Overview
Monitoring operation design If you are using monitoring tools such as open source Zabbix, we will review your current monitoring and response settings. From setup to installation, we will make the new design compatible with Zabbix.
Internal monitoring In case of trouble, we will quickly identify the occurrence point and respond promptly and accurately. By monitoring the status of the system from the inside, we can detect failures you don’t notice from the outside. For example, with an outside view, it can be difficult to tell if a redundant configuration is down. Also, if you already have a monitoring tool, you can use it in conjunction with this service.
External monitoring We monitor IT services from the user’s point of view via the Internet. For example, by monitoring a server from the outside, we can detect if it’s down (when it can appear to be working normally from the inside).
Cooperation with existing tools We will utilize other monitoring tools, such as Zabbix, and operate and manage multiple systems without significantly changing your existing system.
SNMP and log monitoring We conduct monitoring by Simple Network Management Protocol traps, as well as log monitoring using system application log or event log.
Visual operation monitoring (ultimate check) We conduct manned visual and manual monitoring, includes the checking of application functions, using a real machine or browser.
Transaction monitoring (validation check) We use a dedicated tool to monitor the transition of web screens and measure the review and response time of your application.
Incident support (corrective action) We perform fault confirmation, troubleshooting and other remote incident supports based on agreed procedures.
Routine operation We carry out regular operational tasks according to agreed procedures and timing.
Reporting We provide monthly reports on monitoring and operation conditions, with improvement suggestions in the monitoring operation.

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*These services are only available in Japan.