V-Series Cloud

V-Series service is a VMware vSphere–based private cloud service. With no initial investment, customers can simply host their infrastructure within the security of an Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center for a fixed monthly fee. Customers will also have the flexibility of using our outsourcing, migration and public cloud aggregation services with it.

  • Complete control and security on your private vSphere cloud
  • High-end infrastructure, low-latency network and high-speed storage for end-to-end performance and user-experience
  • No initial investment required; high cost efficiency through fixed monthly fee
  • We have acquired ISMS cloud security certification based on ISO/IEC27017:2015.
  • *In order to apply ISMS cloud security certification, use of vCenter option is required.


The V-Series cloud service uses VMware vSphere–based virtualization software, the leading solution in the market. With VMware vCenter, you can centrally manage virtualization, with all the advantages of a private cloud built by Equinix.

With a proprietary server, performance is reliable because it’s not impacted by other servers on the system, and you can launch several virtual servers at a fixed price.

99.99% Fully Redundant High-End Infrastructure

Equinix Managed Services V-Series Infrastructure

Rich Network Options

Internet Connection

Internet connection / IPsec-VPN connection / SSL-VPN connection

Customers WAN

Customers WAN lines (leased lines, IP-VPN, etc.)

Private Connection

  • Connection from secured cabinets
  • Cloud connection of Equinix
    • V-Series
    • N-Series
  • Third-party cloud connection
    • AWS
    • Microsoft Azure
    • IBM Bluemix
    • NIFTY Cloud

Server Selections
  I-16 Core 96GB I-40 Core 256GB
CPU Intel Xeon physical 8-core Intel Xeon physical 10-core 2x
Memory 96GB 256GB
  • No built-in hard disk
  • Additional storage options are contracted separately. Storage is added in increments of 100GB, up to a maximum of 60TB per contract
  • Ensure minimum SWAP area (memory size allocated to virtual machine)
  • CentOS 6.3 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2008 or higher
  • Separate installation for other operating systems with media provided by the customer
Virtualization Software VMware vSphere 5.1–6.0 standard edition

Hyper-threading: Intel Corporation high-speed technology of the microprocessor by two times and the recognition of the physical CPU from the OS and VMware
Overcommitted: Allocating CPU resources or physical cores in a virtual environment to the virtual machine

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