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Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are increasingly common. With elaborate techniques and new variations emerging every day, this threat has grown to unprecedented heights, disabling unprotected infrastructures. Equinix AntiDDoS works as your main defense against this threat, so attacks can go by completely unnoticed.

AntiDDoS can mitigate attacks targeting enterprises within the Equinix network, as well as customers who use our infrastructure as traffic. When your enterprise’s network is attacked, the traffic is routed to be analyzed in a separate structure. From there, the malicious traffic is discarded and the valid traffic is routed as usual to your environment. All this happens automatically, without the need for investment in hardware and without affecting end-user performance.



How Does It Work?

An attack is detected in two situations: when there is a significant change in the traffic profile created by the system, or when one of the predefined values is violated. At this time, all traffic intended to the attacked IP is redirected to the device responsible for analyzing and separating the attack from the valid traffic. From there, the malicious traffic is discarded and the valid traffic is returned to the network and routed as usual to its destination. The system can be hired according to your environment’s capacity.

Only Equinix provides the flexibility you need to get the solutions without wasting any resources.




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