A New Global Baseline for the Digital Economy

The Global Interconnection Index, published by Equinix, is a new global baseline that tracks, measures and forecasts the growth of Interconnection Bandwidth*.

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Interconnection Bandwidth Growth Projected to Outpace Public Internet by 2020

Private data exchange between businesses is forecasted to grow nearly 2x faster—and by nearly 6x in data volume—than global IP traffic.

United States is expected to grow 40% per annum to reach 1,800+ Tbps of installed capacity by 2020, contributing more than a third (36%) of Interconnection Bandwidth globally

Latin America is expected to grow 62% per annum to reach 620+ Tbps of installed capacity, contributing 13% of Interconnection Bandwidth globally.

Europe is expected to grow 44% per annum to reach 1,450+ Tbps by 2020, contributing more than a quarter (29%) of Interconnection Bandwidth globally.

Asia-Pacific is expected to grow 46% per annum to reach 1,120+ Tbps of installed capacity, approaching nearly a quarter (22%) of Interconnection Bandwidth globally.

*Interconnection Bandwidth is defined as the total capacity provisioned to privately and directly exchange traffic with a diverse set of counterparties and providers at distributed IT exchange points.


The Global Interconnection Index captures a critical component to enabling digital business: Interconnection. Reliable and robust Interconnection capabilities across ecosystems like those outlined in the Index will be increasingly important for companies to enable new paths for global growth and opportunity.

-Munu Gandhi, Vice President, Core Infrastructure Services, Aon

Digital Is Transforming Every Major Industry

Interconnection is emerging pervasively to scale digital business transformation with growth projected across all major industries.

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