Energy Management and Environmental Standards


Equinix seeks certifications from organizations recognized for setting rigorous energy management, green building and environmental standards. Our compliance with these standards is independently verified by third-party auditors.


Environmental data center certifications


ENERGY STAR for Data Centers

ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency program that aims to help businesses and individuals save money and protect the climate through superior energy efficiency. In 2012 and 2013, Equinix had more ENERGY STAR certified facilities than any other data center provider. The ENERGY STAR program assesses how efficiently a facility uses energy, compared to similar facilities. A calculation similar to power usage effectiveness (PUE) is among the metrics considered for ENERGY STAR data center certification.


ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard

All Equinix data centers in the U.K. and the Netherlands are certified for ISO 14001, which provides assurance that environmental impact is being measured and improved. Our HK3 data center in Hong Kong is also ISO 14001 certified


ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard

Equinix was the first data center provider in Europe to achieve ISO 50001 certification, which requires an ongoing commitment to energy management and continuous improvement in energy performance. All Equinix data centers in the U.K. and the Netherlands are now certified for ISO 50001.


USGBC LEED Certifications

All new Equinix data centers aim to achieve LEED Silver standards for green construction. The LEED certification system demonstrates that buildings are designed and built using methods proven to reduce energy consumption, improve water efficiency and lower carbon emissions.


SS 564 Singapore Standards for Green Data Centers

The SS 564 standard helps organizations in Singapore establish systems and processes to improve the energy efficiency of their data centers. The standard, modelled after the global ISO 50001 certification system, outlines a detailed framework for data center energy and environmental management that's tailored to conditions in Singapore.


BCA-IDA Green Mark for Data Centers

This green building rating system was jointly developed by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) for new data centers built in Singapore. The BCA-IDA rating system evaluates new facilities for energy efficiency, water efficiency, sustainable construction and management, indoor environment quality and other green features. Data centers are awarded Green Mark Platinum, GoldPLUS, Gold or Certified status. Our SG1 facility is BCA-IDA Green Mark certified while SG2 has received the GoldPLUS award.

Shaping green data center standards

In addition to seeking environmental and energy management certification, Equinix participates in various data industry groups that promote energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable practices.


The Green Grid

The Green Grid is a global consortium of companies, government agencies and educational institutions dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems. Equinix has been a member of The Green Grid since 2008, helping influence energy-efficient data center practices and technology adoption.


EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres

This program, launched in 2008 by the European Commission’s science service, the Joint Research Centre, aims to "reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective manner without hampering the critical function of data centres." Equinix is a Corporate Participant in the European Code of Conduct for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres program. We recently won an award from the COC for adopting innovative technologies to improve data center energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.