Empowering the Digital User - A New Paradigm for Directly Connecting People within the Enterprise

To empower the enterprise to stay ahead of the new digital user and see how other forward-thinking enterprises are harnessing progressive Interconnected Oriented Architectures™ today download the Empowering the Digital User White Paper.


  • By adopting a global interconnection platform with ultra-high-speed connectivity and flexible choices of network and cloud services, enterprises can deliver the best possible experience to users for any situation.
  • Enterprises are harnessing social media channels—such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter—as new avenues of engagement and collaboration to enable ecosystems of employees, partners and customers to innovate and deliver value together.
  • The new interconnected enterprise paradigm offers the ideal solution, with flexible user engagement as well as unparalleled speed, scale, choice and security.

A new interconnection-oriented architecture can improve application and cloud service performance for users on any device in any location, while reducing enterprise connection cost and complexity. This takes today’s enterprises into a new era of global growth, performance, reliability and security.

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