Re-Architecting IT to Succeed

Enterprises need to re-architect IT delivery to securely connect employees, partners and customers to what they need, in the right context, using the devices, channels and services they prefer. Such direct interconnectivity enables enterprises to react in real time, adapt quickly to change and leverage digital ecosystems to create new value and growth.

What Analysts Are Saying About Interconnection


The Edge Manifesto

Solving digital disruption at the edge.

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451 Research

Interconnection 101

Get ahead of this critical industry trend.

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What Customers Are Saying About Interconnection Oriented Architecture™

Gartner Catalyst Conference 2015 • Equinix Customer Panelists*

As I joined, I said we’re going to kill IT - take IT out of the equation. Make it a product-focused company. Remove the dependencies that aren’t intrinsic to the value of us as a company and focus on our core.

The transformation pace has changed dramatically…as a result we’ve had to move to a model that allows us to move cloud first, and deliver new capabilities at a dramatically faster pace.

If you look at the Consumerization of IT it’s really driving the new architectures and the distributed data environments closer to their end customers and users, whether they are internal or external.

Gartner Catalyst Conference

Microsoft, General Dynamics and The Weather Company discuss IT challenges and their success leveraging IOA™.

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Gartner Data Center Conference

GE, Lincoln Financial and Datapipe strategists discuss the impact of interconnection with Equinix’s Tony Bishop.

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*From Equinix Customer Panel “How & Why Interconnection Oriented Architecture Supports Enterprise Growth”

IOA™ Changes the Economics of IT

Forrester details the Total Economic Impact™ of Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ on cost takeout, performance and innovation across 4 major enterprise organizations.


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*Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Equinix Interconnection Solutions, August 2015

Interconnection Oriented Architecture (IOA™)

A transformative approach to connecting the Enterprise

Gain control of performance and cost—at scale—when you interconnect your People, Locations, Clouds and Data inside Equinix. Watch Tony Bishop’s keynote presentation at Gartner Catalyst 2015, where he explains the move among businesses to adopt interconnection as a means to enable a whole new level of global collaboration and innovation.


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